Technical Products

Plastica International manufacturers a wide variety of technical plastic products for a diverse clientele.

Technical Plastic Parts Fabricated According to Individual Customer Specifications

Technical Plastic Parts Fabricated According to Individual Customer Specifications

We competently handle everything from development to production. With our wide and varied experience and expertise, we are able to produce specialized technical plastic parts with the highest levels of quality and durability. We have plenty of diverse experience with various technical plastic parts across industries and are highly flexible, capable and agile when it comes to the development of injection moulded products. Every item can be individually designed according to customer requirements.

Cases and Other Tailor-Made Injection Moulded Parts

We are able to manufacture at scale, cases for equipment manufacturing, garment sector, electronics, healthcare and other high-tech applications. Our entire production process is controlled and handled by state-of-the-art handling devices, which are capable of extracting highly sensitive injection moulded parts. We use detailed documentation and AQL test data to oversee and ensure the quality of our products at all times.

When Precision is Required

Our world class production facility uses injection moulding to produce plastic parts and products that require the highest levels of precision. Whether its developing elements for motor vehicles, gauges for training and educational purposes or other technically precise products, we have the expertise, the equipment and the necessary certifications to handle them.

If you are interested in producing technical plastic products of the highest quality, speak with one of our experts today.