Garment Sector

We cater to Sri Lanka’s garment industry through our subsidiary Smart Apparel Solutions (Private) Limited. While fabrics form the base of any garment, a garment is so much more than just fabric. It requires various accessories to ensure aesthetic appeal and functional utility. This is where garment accessories are a requirement.

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Since 2014, we have proudly produced the highest quality garment and fashion accessories for some of Sri Lanka’s leading garment sector players. We work together with our customers’ design and procurement teams to meet exact specifications and timelines.

We specialize in modern undergarment accessory production using advanced technology and high-quality materials to ensure a world class product. We use highly competitive pricing structures, modern design and state-of-the-art technology to meet customer specifications and demanding deadlines.

Our range of products in this category include plastic accessories, hooks and hangers, bra bones, printed and unprinted ribbons, paper tags, woven labels, webbing, metal plates, rubber and PU products required for garments. We are also able to produce any other kind of fashion accessory based on customer specifications and requirements.

Our dedicated sales and service teams are known in the market for the highest levels of professionalism, service and delivering results. We invite dealers from home and abroad to engage with us and collaborate to create high quality fashion accessories of a world class standard.