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Automobile and Safety Equipment

Automobile and Safety Equipment

Having begun our journey in this sector, we at Plastica International, have many years of experience and professional expertise with engineering plastic products. Using world class plastic injection technology, we have grown into a market leader in this area. We are able to meet any requirement that our customers have, including the production of tooling in accordance with customer samples for all plastic products.

While we are largely focused on engineering plastics, we are able to work with other materials too, as per customer specifications and requirements. Many of our products have been developed in association with our customers. Our range of safety helmets, safety buckles, rings, sliders, ladder lock and click lock buckles are comprehensive and offer solutions for most applications.

Our Sales and Design Departments are always ready to assist customers with specialized designs and or other requirements.

If you are looking for products in these categories, please speak with one of our experts today.